People painting a colourful mural
Salamansa / Mindelo, São Vicente, Cape Verde
Street children

We were commissioned by the municipal social services of Mindelo to create a mural in the playground of the kindergarten of  Salamansa, a poor fishing village without green plants due to the Sahel climate. The boys decided to add as many plants and cheerful colors as possible, in order to create a nice atmosphere. The scribbles of the preschoolers on the wall served as a base.

When I started working with these children in 2000, the youngest was 6 and the oldest 12, they were abandoned and  lived on the streets. Thanks to Isaura Gomes, mayor of Mindelo, they had a home to stay in, access to education and healthcare. By participating in these creative projects their self-esteem grew. They evolved into a functioning team.

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CAN (Centro de Acolhemento Nocturna)